Amazing Benefits of Yellow Sapphire - Kanakapushyaragam

As we know, planet Jupiter is one of the largest bodies in the solar system. It has a great significance in Vedic astrology. In the birth chart, it is the most endearing planet which has power in the context of astrology. The planet is also called Guru or Brihaspathi. In the chart, the planet implies philosophy and skills. This planet rules justice, journey, religion, offspring, income, and pilgrimage etc. Planet Jupiter owns Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and judgement which makes it ideal for academicians, authors, traders, and artists.

The planet Jupiter can also be malefic when it is debilitated, afflicted by malefic planets. It can bring indignity in life and can therefore even be deceitful. Jupiter affliction can make people feel their lives are restricted. There are many remedies in astrology and gemology, like Rudraksha, Mantra, Yantra, charity, Tantra and so on. It is also said that the use of yellow sapphire which is also called Kanakapushyarag stone, helps in bringing down any negative action due to the position of the planet.

This is one of its kind of gem that has many benefits. It feels good after wearing the stone and you can easily make out the difference. This is also advised for those individuals who are depressed and have negative thoughts. The stone helps promote a positive outlook in life and enhance confidence. 

Though it is highly beneficial to all. For best results, buy only authentic stone from genuine suppliers as only natural gemstones have the power to give astrological benefits. Also, it is important to be aware of how to wear yellow sapphire or Kanakapushyaragam stone.  And, if you wish to wear Yellow Sapphire, it is recommended that you get your chart checked for the position of Jupiter (make sure it is placed favourably). Do not buy any gemstone without consulting the astrologer. 

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